Montgomery County Alabama Tax Sale Auction

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Someone asked me about this, and I wanted to share the results. I just checked Montgomery County, Alabama, tax sale auction.  It will start at 10:00 am on Wednesday June 5. You can register as late as the morning of June 5. The offices open at 8:00 am.  Montgomery is still doing the tax certificate auction with overbids, not the tax lien auction used for the first time this year by Baldwin, Calhoun, Cherokee, Cullman, Elmore and Shelby Counties. I expect Montgomery will move to a tax lien auction in 2020. If you like the original system of overbids and possession rights before the tax deed, be sure to come to Montgomery's auction this year. It might be the last year for that system.

@Greg Parker , that's true, but they are mostly looking for redemption money. People who want real estate don't fish in the same pond. Yes, there's some overlap, but plenty of opportunities for everybody.

I agree, the big players go for the big redemption money properties.  One of those guys bought 600 properties last year.  I have never had any luck.  The properties I have bought and wanted to keep, always get redeemed a few days later.  My best success has been at the courthouse auctions.  And, I have bought a few properties from the state that no one wanted at the tax sale.