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Hi BP:

I've been lurking in the shadows and realized I never introduced myself.  Long time Alaskan looking to diversify into real estate.  Also a small business owner in Palmer.  The goal is two deals in 2016.  Right now I am actually looking at turn-key investing out of state...but I'm keeping my eyes open locally.  Does anybody know of a meet-up in the Valley? Any interest in starting one?



@Greg Scully welcome to BP!

I don't know of any meet ups right now in the valley but I'd be interested in starting one or attending one.

What kind of deals are you looking for?


Some friends and I are starting one up that will meet in Eagle River. We'd love to see you guys!

@James Cash For now I am talking with out of state turn key providers.  I would not rule out a very local (Palmer area) hold and rent.

I'd be interested in a meet up as well.


Hey guys, there is a valley investor club meeting that takes place once per month. I have been a few times. If you would like I can send you the email address of the gal that organizes it and you can get added to the invites. Just shoot me a message if you would like that info! 

Hi Blake, can you add me to the list of investor club mtg place/time please? Much appreciated!!

Hi Blake, is the valley investor club still meeting?

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