Fairbanks/North Pole New Investor

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I am a new investor moving soon to the North Pole/Fairbanks area and am looking for any advice on realtors or contacts I should reach out to for a house hack scenario. I would love to link up with investors in the area when I finally arrive! 

Thank you for your time,

Mark Parillo

We have a group of investors that meet every other Friday for an investor meeting in Fairbanks.  When you get to town message me and I will give you all the information.

Hello Mark! 

I am a new investor as well in the Fairbanks area looking to link up with other investors, "investor friendly" real estate agents and lenders in the area.  Looking forward to exchanging ideas and information!  Hope to hear from you when you arrive! 

Ryan Causin  

Hey there, I will be arriving to Fairbanks at the end of this month and would greatly appreciate information about the investor meet up.

Thank you!!

Awesome! This is all very promising. I will reach out once I get a clearer time-frame.

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