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Newbie question re: Grayhawk vs. Desert Ridge
Hello! My husband and I are new to investing. Currently renting in the Grayhawk area. Our initial plan was to buy a SFH in this area for us and 2 young children, occupy for a few years, and convert to rental. We found... View more
Multifamily deal considering current Tenant Protections
Hi all, currently looking at a duplex in the Arcadia lite spill over area. It will cash flow ~$150/month as is but I think the area will be turning in the next 3-5 years. Not a ton of cash flow for the 25% down I'll... View more
Best Value for Cabinets
Good morning! Where have you found the best value for cabinets in Phx/Tucson area? Looking for white shaker, soft-close. Thanks! Ashley
Covid times- year lease or month to month?
I am looking for a new tenant and am wondering if I'm just better off going month to month or doing a year lease during these times? Does one make it easier to evict? 
MLS BRRR, Mold, Flooding and Lessons Learned
Back at the end of April my partner found a property on the MLS they thought would be a good rehab. Of course I was skeptical because the MLS tends to be pretty picked over but we checked it out because she is smart... View more
October AZ Housing Market Update
Fall is officially here, but there does not appear to be any end in sight to the blazing hot real estate market. In a typical year (which 2020 has been anything but) the peak buying season starts to wind down in... View more
Best skip tracing source
Good afternoon BiggerPockets I am interested in learning new different ways to skip trace.  If anyone out there has good suggestions please let me know and I would appreciate it.  We have a lot of options in Tucson and... View more
Tucson Permitting-Please Help!
Good Afternoon, If you have experience with applying for/obtaining permits in Tucson, I would love to pick your brain!  We have a tight timeline to rehab a house that needs a permit that potentially... View more
Tucson Rental Market/Investor Meetup
Hey Folks, I was reading over the Tucson multifamily and rental market statistics this morning and wanted to get your thoughts on this.  There are currently nine large apartment complexes expected to deliver their... View more
Purchasing a tenant occupied townhouse
What rights do I have during the purchase process? Can I ask for a copy of the tenants lease, tenants ability to pay rent? Do the existing terms of the lease to the renter transfer to the new owner? How are deposits... View more
Phoenix Arizona BRRR/HH Analysis – 1st Deal Advise (New to REI)
Greetings All, I'm new to analyzing deals and in the learning phase of REI. I'm looking for my first deal in my current market of Phoenix, AZ metro by summer 2021 (+2 years at job). Ideally want a small MF or large... View more
Looking to Connect with wholesalers
My partner and I are actively looking for single-family homes in need of renovation in the Tucson area. Would like to stick to an ARV of $300k or less. I am actively prospecting for opportunities but if you know a... View more
REFERRAL NEEDED: Land Use Attorney Tucson/Phoenix Area
Putting a property under contract that's zoned R2 (has two rental income-producing properties) and need to do my due my diligence on getting the necessary variances to build 12-15 multi-family units. Once mutually... View more
Statutory Agent for OOS owner in Arizona
Hello BP,Following closing of my rental properties in Greater Phoenix area (Pinal County), I have received an mail from county assessor demanding out-of-state owner to designate a statutory agent who lives in the state... View more
BEWARE of Malcolm E. Pointon
This man poses as a real estate investor who takes your money and then claims hardship and doesn't pay you back. He pretends to be Christian and to have the best of ethics. Don't believe a word he says and DON'T GIVE... View more
Average PM Fees in Phoenix Area
Hi Arizona BP members. I am a multi family investor located in the Denver area but looking at some other markets in 2018. Curious what assumptions I should be using for property management fees in the metro Phoenix and... View more
Any Experiences Using Bigger Wholesale Companies To Find Deals
Hi All Newer investor here and was wondering if any members had any experience using some of the larger nationwide wholesaler companies?  I have been looking for deals in the Phx AZ area and have come across a few... View more
Looking for Property Managers in Arizona
Hi everyone! Im am in a position to rent my house out. I am considering going with a property manager since this is my first deal. The property located in Gilbert AZ. I would also love recommendations For real estate... View more
Does Gov. Ducey’s eviction protection order apply to lease ends?
I have a tenant whose lease ended on July 31. They haven’t been the best tenants and I would prefer not to renew their lease for another year. When I informed my property management company that I would like to give... View more
Tempe Rental - Advertising
Hi all, I have a single-family rental going live in Tempe this upcoming weekend. Typically I just post the home to zillow and have gotten decent traffic in the past but curious if there are any other avenues people... View more
Possible investment property in Mesa, AZ
I am looking at a property in Mesa, Arizona that I'd like to put out here and get some of you all's thoughts. I am not in a position to do anything with this property right now. For me, it's just about learning,... View more
Property Manager for 1 mil multifamily in Phoenix or Tucson
Selling in Oregon and would like to find multifamily in Phoenix or Tucson for about 1 Mil which generates about  10- 12,000 per month gross rents.  Looking for property managers who know the areas in town where this... View more
What's going on with our market? How to navigate
I don't know if we can chalk it all up to COVID, but there is an alarming shortage of sellers coming to the market.  At the same time, interest rates are at record lows and the demand for the Phoenix-area real estate... View more

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