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Buy and Hold Rentals Newbie from Tempe, AZ
Hi BP members. I am new to RE investing and I am looking to acquire buy and hold rental properties in the East Valley. Any information on local meetup groups, the local market and investor friendly lenders would be... View more
Is it necessary to send POA form to the county recorder?
I want to buy a parcel of land in Yavapai County, AZ.  The seller and I both live in LA. The seller's step-father is the name on the previous deed. The seller has POA over him, as he has dementia. Do you think I need... View more
Do you use a designated title company?
Hi guys, I have heard recently about reissue rates that some title companies will give you when refinancing the same property they originally closed on with you. However, I haven't found that to be the case with the... View more
Investment Property in Casa Grande & Arizona City
Hi everyone,It's recently come to my attention that Casa Grande and surrounding area might be experiencing growth. Is anyone here familiar with the area and could provide insight?Thank you in advance,Christina
Phoenix area, HVAC recommendations needed ASAP
Hi Everyone!   I'm in a pickle and need to replace not one but TWO HVAC units. Goettl is quoting me close to 30k.  I know they are known as a reputable company, but I want to get a couple more quotes. Can anyone... View more
Looking for a new realtor, maybe...
So recently I backed out of a property that I had under contract and I'm not sure if I made the right decision. I'm also not sure if I should be pointing some of the blame at my realtor. But this situation has brought... View more
Working 60 hours but trying to start REI: How?
Hi everyone! I'm new to REI, and to BP, and although I've read a lot of books on REI (including Brandon Turner's: The Book on Rental Property Investing) I'm wondering how you successful investors our there are able to... View more
Tax liens in Maricopa County Arizona
hello everyone, I would like to know from any of you investors off there, if I was to buy a tax lien and the owner did not redeem within the three-year. What happens to the owners mortgage amount? Is the owner still... View more
Student housing. 4 bedroom house near ASU vs 4 plex elsewhere.
My nephew and several others that I know that are in college rent out an individual room in a 4 bedroom house. The landlord loves it because they have 4 rooms they are renting out rather than one lower price point... View more
Local Meet and Greets
Hello everyone,I have been lurking the BP Arizona Real Estate forums for quite a while but decided somewhat recently to create an account and begin posting. I am definitely going to be going to the June 19th Bigger... View more
Fee-Only CFP in Phoenix
I'm nearing the point to start working with an advisor to discuss a retirement financial strategy. Looking for any recommendations local to Phoenix as I lean to not work this remotely. I will only work with a... View more
Any one on here flipping in AZ?
Hello,Wondering if anyone on BP is flipping here in Arizona. East Valley. I am eager to learn flipping from someone who needs the help. I have availability and eagerness to learn! 
Co-working space available in Tempe, AZ
Hi, Is anyone interested in opening up a co-working space in the Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale area? I am new to the forums here but not new to FI. The church I attend is looking to sublease the space for a co-working... View more
wholesaling looking for some time savers
ladies and gentlemen, i am going full bore on wholesaling, as a start. there are tons of resources out there, and almost as many gurus. i understand the need to have cash buyers, and how important it is to tie up the... View more
Got an offer to buy my Rental. Selling cost and advice please.
Hi everyone. I've been getting solicited by other real estate investors looking to buy my rental off of me. I am not exactly looking to sell but may be open to it if the price is right. I've avoided these types of... View more
Tenant eviction - tenants claiming health issues in rental
My tenant has provided a 30-notice and will be leaving at the end of May. The lease expires end of July. This is a friend-of-a-friend situation where we allowed them to rent without deposits and upfront rents to help... View more
Opinion on off market deal in Tucson
Hey Arizona bigger pockets. I found an off-market deal with a lot of potential opportunity and I am having trouble deciding what direction to go. My deal points are:9 units1 House (3b/1b)8 Casitas (1b/1b)Rents $350 for... View more
LF property manager Mesa,Gilbert AZ
Hi,LF what you might imagine - responsive, smart, organized, active, reasonably priced property management in east Mesa and Gilbert.I'd appreciate any recommendations.Thank you!
East Mesa Property Manager
Long story short, I've got a house in East Mesa that I'm trying to rent out. It is currently under contract to a property manager, but they are not giving me a warm fuzzy that they are actually doing anything. They are... View more
Where in AZ are you investing for CF and Why?
Hello BP members!I am new to REI and joined BP several months ago. We live and Turlock, CA and are looking for buy and hold multi family opportunities for cash flow. Unfortunately our area will not support cash flowing... View more
HELOC above $1mm in Arizona
Just cashed out on a 2nd/primary home in PV. Wondering if anyone knows any local/private banks or credit union that will do a jumbo 1st position HELOC or LOC. Would like to have $1-2mm available. The local relationship... View more
How much does nearby construction site effect asking price?
Our single family home is currently for sale. We advertised it as a tranquil quiet home with an unobstructed view into the back. During the first week of listing, a developer started to build a new community, planning... View more
How hard is it to get a grant for a historic home in Phoenix?
Hello BP! We are looking at an investment property in one of the historic districts in Phoenix. Has anyone received a grant to help with exterior costs? How difficult is the process? Thank-you in advance for any... View more
Looking for Multi-Family (2-4 Unit) Properties in Chandler
Hello Everyone,I currently work in the Chandler area off of Chandler and Dobson. I would love to start house hacking close enough to work (with 5 miles) to be able to bike consistently. I am looking for a multi-unit... View more

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