Seeking Wholesalers in Phoenix/Mesa

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Hello BP friends, I’m looking for a few friendly Wholesalers who specialize in Phoenix and Mesa area. I'm building a buy and hold/ cashflow portfolio and am looking for Wholesalers with true deals.

I'm looking for – SFR's, between 70k-120k, C class neighborhoods with a 1.3% or better rent to price ratio.

Please keep me on your lists.

Thank you!

I fully expect you to get flooded with responses. Are you in fact the end buyer or are you planning on re-marketing those contracts?

Hey Aaron,

I wholesale in the Phoenix area.

Most of the deals I come across are fix and flips, but I do come across rental deals.

Just sent you a colleague request, let me know if you want to be informed when I come across something.

@Jessica B.

Thank you.  Would love to hear from you when you have something.  Sent you a message.  


Hello Aaron, would you be interested Glendale, AZ?  Glendale neighbors phoenix.  I'm pursing a single family residence that would be priced in your range for purchase.  With instant equity.   If all goes well, I can sent all info and pics to you first as a BP member.    

If not, I will definitely add you to my list for other deals I come across in phoenix or mesa.

Thanks for reaching out!!

Hi @Aaron Gil

Our company has turnkey properties at wholesale prices in Phoenix area. Feel free to send me a pm.

Hello @Aaron Gil

I work with a great team of acquisition specialists in my office. Let's connect and send me your email address and we'll go from there. Thank you.

Hi Everyone

Im an agent looking for Houses to flip in the mesa gilbert area. Im just starting out. i have financing and a team in place ready to start i just need the right deal to start with. i had a offer ready to place on a house Last week, but...I hesitated... and it went under contract before i pulled my head out.  I would like to work with the right wholesaler that can find the right deal

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Hello @Aaron Gil

Our company has completed 100's of wholesales, buy & holds and Flips nationwide. Our Phoenix Metro Wholesale deals are getting eaten up by investors! If you would please feel free to send me a message, would love to connect.


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