Finally Got One Under Contract...NOW WHAT??

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I finally got first property under contract and I'm excited/nervous to get moving.  I have a contractor coming out to give me a bid this week but I know I should definitely get a few bids.  Who has a favorite general contractor in the phoenix, chandler, Sun Lakes areas of Arizona?  I'd like to meet a GC that has experience working with investors. 


Congrats Felipe!

For the best prices I generally act as GC for my properties.  What work are you looking to have done?  PM me the details and maybe I can recommend one of the contractors that I use.


@Felipe Munoz , are you going to get an inspection on the property? Being your first one, I'd highly recommend it. When you go to sell, your buyer will get an inspection report that will likely have repairs. You'll want to know up front what's going to be on it, so you can include them in your scope of work. 

@Stone Jin , I just PM'd you too, to see if you have any subs you recommend for the East Valley. 

@Shiloh Lundahl Rehab is going well!  It's pretty much all cosmetic work (not moving/removing any walls) but I'm happy with the work and speed at which things are happening.  It's looking like I'll be able to list it sometime mid/late February.  Thanks for asking :-)

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