Fix & Flip Insurance

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Depends on the size and scope, but at least in CA, Foremost and USLI are both good options - we also use a program that specializes in Builder's Risk as well through Zurich. The key is to make sure the construction is disclosed, and there is coverage for builder's risk (or COC). You could also do a specialized Builder's Risk type policy - depending on what you need, that may be better / broader coverage, as it could include coverage for soft costs, property off-site, etc. Probably fewer problems with different types of entities that could be involved as well.

@Nicole Dent you might want to chat with a local agent, as the carriers have different offerings and filings in each state.  Foremost may not do the same thing in your state, or there could be other carriers that might be a viable option.  

Either way, most will want to look for an independent agent that can get out and market across many carriers, especially when it comes to more specialized coverage.

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