Wholesalers Profit Question

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Hello everyone,

A general question, why is it that I hear some investors talking dollar amounts, i.e. $20,000, when they describe minimum profits that they're looking for? Or some will say they'd like to make 15% on deals? How does this correlate with the 70% rule? Thank you.

The profit would be because they want a return for their money and time. The 70 percent rule would show you what your max offer is what you determine the whole sale fee, selling costs and what profit the flipper wants

thanks for the reply. I didn't explain myself well. I know what the 70% rule is all about, my question is I hear some investors saying they want to profit at least 20,000, some say 15% profit. So if I want to assign a contract to a buyer/investor who's criteria is 20 or 15 would I still want to use the 70% rule? Thank you.n