How to transfer property into an LLC in MAricopa county?

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Hi guys!

Ive done it once in the past out of state, but not sure how its done in Maricopa county.

So I take warranty deed and fill it out and then I have to notarize my signature, right?

Then I have to record it. Where do I record it? Is it possible to do scan it in and upload online? Online or somewhere without big hassle would be great!

Am I missing any steps that I need to do?

Thank you!

Originally posted by @Angel Ginnett :

I have had this company recommended to me.  I spoke to her but did not do the process yet.

Brenda @ CB Doc Preparation I believe they charge $125 PM me for their contact information if you would like it

 Yes, please.

Will you pm it to me? :-)

Thank you!

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