Tucson Multifamily Stats

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Hey Folks, just wanted to share the statistics for the Tucson multifamily sector.

-Average Price Per Door: $78,943

-Median Price Per Door $53,333

-Average Cap upon sale: 6.7%

-Median Cap upon sale: 6.6%

-Average Rents: 1Bed = $575, 2Bed = $695, 3bed = $900

Just as a caveat to this information please do not use this to analyze if you are looking at a good deal or not. Just like any market variances in product type and location play a major factor that is not accounted for in a city-wide median or average. Tracking these trends over time can however indicate the direction of the market.

Hi Tylor,

Thanks for the info!  Very helpful.  Among other things I own multi family and student housing near U of A.  I'll be running in the Tucson Marathon this year.