West USA Realty (or other brokerage options to hang license with)

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Hi all - I've seen West USA recommended here in the past as the brokerage to hang your license with. Checking in for more recent feedback to see if it's still recommended or if any agents have changed their minds. If so, can you share which brokerage you recommend and what made you switch? Thanks!

@Sweta P. I am going to sound like a homer, but West USA is a great brokerage to hang your license with. You can work residential, commercial, and property management. Also they allow you to sell your own properties, which some brokers frown upon. The fee structures are very competitive and they offer the right level of resources for the pricing. I believe HomeSmart would be the closest comp. If you want a little more advanced training and don't mind paying a higher percentage of your sales, I would recommend KellerWilliams.