Pine Bluff Arkansas | How bad?

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Quick question for the Arkansas folks. I've stumbled upon a fantastic deal in Pine Bluff, AR. At least it would be a fantastic deal if it was in any other city. My biggest hangup is the city itself. Really high crime, significant population decrease over the last 20 years, and high poverty. I read that they have some improvements going around the downtown area, but still pretty nervous about this location. Any insider info that I should know?


In my opinion pine bluff is pretty rough.  I invest in some of the tougher areas of little rock but have passed on pine bluff.  There are some amazing deals there though and if you had a good property management company in place it could be very profitable, especially with section 8/ housing. 

Lol I'm in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. If you just sit back and really look at all the pieces that are coming together, you'll realize that this is the most optimistic time to be investing in Pine Bluff. We're on the brink of what some would call an emerging market. A renaissance others call it, but nevertheless a great time for wealth creation. There's still meat on the bones here, you just have to analyze deals correctly and know the area. Plus, its just the right size for a "boom"!!!

If you are familiar with PB I am sure there are some excellent deals out there. I am not that familiar with PB but if you know the town I am sure you know where and where not to buy.  

I grew up in Pine Bluff, but moved to Little Rock in 1990. Pine Bluff definitely has some issues, but there are ongoing efforts to improve the city. One of my favorite houses in PB is going to be auctioned soon. There are cheap houses available there. The cash flow would probably be very good if you're experienced enough to handle it properly (screening tenants, etc.) 

I occasionally go to Pine Bluff for work and have considered it.  The city is very run down and very high poverty rates.  For me I don’t think its worth the headache due to likely high turnover and high crime.  If you have a good property manager it may be worth it.  Lots of abandoned houses you could get cheap.

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