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a buyer of a land deed contract sold as is  payed half down rest in monthly payments take seller personal property because he said we sold as is or do seller have until the buyer pay in full to get there personal property off 

@Dianna Olive I see it is your first post. Welcome to Bigger Pockets.

Your question is not clear. If I understand correctly, you have already bought the property. So the seller should have already gotten their personal property. But it depends on what your contract says. Do you have possession or live in the property now?

I  selling the property. Sorry I am seller . We wasn’t planning to sell the property , we had pretty much moved most of our things to our our home . Had a friend ask if we would sell it to their friends . They was in a harry to buy a place. So we made a as is contract with buyer paying half down and rest in payments . Everything going really fast they are cleaning up land and our things are coming up (stolen). We said something to buyers And now the buyer said they own our personal property ( cars tractors) because we sold as is . We haven’t had time to move anything  . And buyers still haven’t payed in full yet . 

@Dianna Olive a well written contract should say what is included in the sale and what it not. The fact that you sold it "as is" I don't think is relevant. If the contract was for real property it seems you should be entitled to your personal property. But again what did the contract say. Also who wrote the contract? 

Again I don't know the specifics but it could be argued they have paid for the property 50% down and 50% with a loan. They have paid for the property. They have not yet paid the loan back.  It is time to see a lawyer.

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