Looking for a Real Estate Attorney NWA Northwest Arkansas

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Hey everyone, I'm a small-time investor in Bentonville, Arkansas, but I am making plans for my next deal on a small multi-family property. Does anyone have recommendations for an attorney that specializes in or has experience with real estate law? I would prefer someone that works in the Bentonville, Rogers, Fayetteville or surrounding areas that I could meet with in person.


Hey Steve,

I think it would depend what exactly you are needing done.

Ron Williams w/ the Williams Law Group in Rogers AR has helped me create several LLCs, Promissory Notes, and has reviewed some contracts with me.

Courtney Crouch with Mitchel Williams Law firm would be a good point person for anything securities related and more specifically for syndication and anything that needs to be SEC compliant

At the moment I am trying to set up a seller-finance deal, so I am looking for someone that can help with the promissory note and deed of trust setup. Since I've never done a seller-finance deal I am hoping that the attorney I work with can help me better understand the legal/contractual arrangement and walk me through it a little. I feel like I understand the general concept based off what I've read and studied, but I want to make sure I don't miss anything.

Yup Ron can help you there. You’re broker will set up the contract and attorney can help with the financing structure portion. If direct to seller attorney can help draft a contact as well

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