How to research liens in Arkansas tax sale properties

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I've been buying small tax lots in Arkansas from the Commissioner of State Lands website. (COSL) One of the things that has me stumped is how to research for liens BEFORE I buy the property. I know there are grass cutting liens, municpal utility liens, rural fire department liens, possible house demo liens, and perhaps others. 

The weird thing is, I have a specific email chain from when I bought a round of these properties 6 months ago. There was a woman at one particular county who helped me to identify utility district liens before placing my bid. Now, I'm ready to buy my next round of properties. The woman who previously helped me doesn't work at the county anymore, and the other woman said that woman #1 never should have answered questions about liens. 

"That's odd," I thought. So I called three other counties, at random. Same thing - We can't research liens for you, we're not insured or bonded. So I called some local abstract and title companies. Costs vary, but I don't think the money is worth it, considering the small value of the parcels.

Does anyone have any input on how to research liens before placing bids on the COSL website? Thanks.