New to BP, Santa Barbara Area

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Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself and get started on the forums. I'm just starting out my REI "career" and have a lot to learn, but am intrigued by everything Real Estate has to offer.

My goals and focus are buy and hold properties, specifically multi-family, and I'm looking to remain in the California area (specifically Southern California, but I'm aware of how tough the market can be). 

To any other Santa Barbara locals, or members in the surrounding areas... are there any local clubs you recommend joining? Any meetups in the near future? Any other advise or places to start for someone new? 


Welcome Peter, I am a local Santa Barbarian currently house-hacking my entire 3bd/2b home by adding a 3bd/2b ADU. BP was the key to my successful house-hack. Let me know if you'd like to connect and talk RE. I am currently in the process of building another ADU. Best of luck!!