Acquiring your real estate license in California

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Hello. I am interested in acquiring my real estate license in California. I'm confused about whether working under someone who currently holds a real estate license is a requirement just to become licensed. I was on the phone for over an hour with the government office that might address that question. So I am asking here. Thank you. 

If you are not an attorney, you start with your sales license.  A sales associate works for a broker.  All of this is gone over in your initial course work that you are required to do. I'm happy to discuss with you further.  Reach out with questions.

@Kate NA

You can get licensed without picking a broker ahead of time. Once you are licensed, you will need to hang your license with a broker before you’re allowed to perform real estate activities.

Most people shop around for brokers after they pass the test while they wait for their license to be issued. It’s very easy to associate with a broker or change your association in California. It takes only minutes for the broker to take care of it online.

@Kate NA the short answer, no. Acquiring your real estate license in California is set by meeting the minumum educational hours approved by the state commission. Once you pass your state and national exam you can then hang your license in order to activate it. However, working under someone before getting licensed could certainly be a good learning tool and provide you with some ground knowledge before you hop in the industry. All the best!  

Just to add to the above, you have alot of time to figure out your broker. After you complete the 2 required and 1 elective courses you can then submit to be able to take the test. Apparently the state is several months out to give testing dates. You can check the CA DRE for current wait times. They are very backed up due to Covid.

Hi Kate, Dennis and Dustin are correct. You can obtain your license after you have the education credits and pass the exam. However, your license will be "NBA" (no broker associated) which simply means that you are a licensed salesperson with the state but you can't perform unless you are under a brokerage. So yes, you can become licensed in the state but you can't work unless you are under an active broker. Hope all these answers have clarified it for ya!

Thank you all for your assistance and answers. When I Google I see MANY MANY sources for training to prepare for taking the test. Can someone recommend one? I am overwhelmed with choices. Appreciated.