Anyone Know a Sacramento Real Estate Lawyer

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Hello, all!

Would anybody recommend a reliable and fairly priced Sacramento Real Estate Lawyer.

I have a few contracts and documents that need to be reviewed before I put them to use and a few California related real estate questions.

I'd surely appreciate a lead if someone had a positive and satisfactory encounter.

Thank you in advance!

Attila Bertalan, Real Estate Agent in CA (#01977350)
(916) 729-1210

I am not familiar with anyone but I thin is a new great way to find Attorneys.

@Douglas Dowell Thanks, I'll check that out.

@Jay Hinrichs While, most of my transactions will consist of SFR, I plan on acquiring them through, mostly, creative RE techniques:seller financing, sub to's, land contracts, wraps, lease options, purchase options.

Thanks for the reply though.

Attila Bertalan, Real Estate Agent in CA (#01977350)
(916) 729-1210

Have you tried a title company or reaching out to a discount or flat fee agent? If they are a member of C.A.R. they should have access to just about any form needed.

Derek Jones, Real Estate Agent in CA (#01947645)

@Derek Jones

I don't want to use the realtor forms (well, at least not most of them). Many are confusing to sellers, although I will use some (Hazard, Paint, smoke detector etc). I'm just looking for a lawyer to review the ones I have. And, I'm in the process of calling title/escrow companies. Do you know of any around here(I also live in Fair Oaks) that work well with investors?

Thanks for the reply.

Attila Bertalan, Real Estate Agent in CA (#01977350)
(916) 729-1210

I've used BPE Law Group multiple times, they gave me good guidance in a couple different situations.  Probably not the least expensive but I needed someone reliable, they practice RE law.

They are in Fair Oaks on Fair Oaks blvd, google and it will come up first.  Alex Munn was the one who met with me.  (and I'm not affiliated in any way, lol, just had a good experience with them)

Im not sure what they charge for contract review specifically, I paid for consultation by the hour, which included contract review.  Best would be to just give them a call and ask. :)

Mark Buckman. 

I used him ten years ago when a buyer failed to perform and I retained the earnest money. I was ready to go to war over the principle of the thing. I hired Mark and we got it resolved pretty quickly. I prevailed 100%.

It's probably too late to help with this request since your post is 6 months old,

@Attila Bertalan. But keep us in mind if you need legal help from a Sacramento lawyer in the future. We are reasonably priced, do quality work, and get rave reviews from our clients.

Joe Rose, Attorney/Broker

Rose Law APC

(916) 273-1260

Hi @Attila Bertalan , I am a real estate lawyer helping people in California with their real estate transactions. I write custom Purchase and Sale Agreements for each transaction. These are a lot more precise than the CAR forms that realtors use. 


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