How to find boutique real estate firms in your area?

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Hello All! 

This is my first post/question here on BP and it's long over due. I am a new real estate agent in the Long Beach, Ca area and I'm looking for brokerages to interview. So far, I've interviewed with KW, Long Beach RE executives, and one privately owned brokerage, Strategic Blueprints Realty. Because I am new, I don't know what environment I will work best in (small or large), but given my regular office job preferences, I feel I might enjoy working with a smaller privately owned brokerage (boutique brokerage). So my question is, how do I find local boutique brokerages? I haven't had much luck with typing "local boutique brokerages" in Google.  Any help is greatly appreciated! 

Also, feel free to share any tips, things you wish someone would have told you when you started, and any other advice!

Thank you in advanced. 

If you are looking to work close to home, pay attention to the for sale signs and see who’s listing them, and go front there with ur search.

You are welcome to pm me and I can give some recommendations.

I found my boutique brokerage by narrowing down the neighborhood I wanted to work in (West Hollywood)... So what I did was drive around the neighborhood to spot brokerages. I either took down their names or walked in to introduce myself. 

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