previously Sect 8 but bought a house; old landlord is difficult

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So I've been on BP for two years now. Not as motivated as some since it took me 2 years.. Kind of difficult to buy a house since I was under Sect 8 with my family in California. Worked hard in college, graduated, moved out of Section 8 and bought a house in June of 2018!!!! Also took my parents out of Section 8 since I felt that it was time...

The landlord whose house we used to rent from... She is trying to deduct from the deposit. I know that California is tenant-friendly and has laws regarding reasonable wear and tear. Owner is trying to make us pay for two garage clickers (one I lost, second is broken). Owner can definitely charge for the lost clicker but she can't charge for the broken one, right?  She's also requesting that we configure the new clickers. I'm all for walking away and just letting her deduct the $50-odd amount BUT I also want to stand my ground. She was a landlord from hell. We really have no obligation to the house since we moved out July 31st... I'm all for taking her to small claims court but is there a way to settle this outside the courtroom? The deposit is not that much but it's my dad's money. My dad won't stand his ground because he's non-confrontational. 

How would you guys+ladies (CA landlords, especially!) best advise I approach this situation?

thank you!!!

@Ky Ha Vu Welcome! Congrats on the home purchase. I personally would walk away over $50 however, if you want to stand your ground was the clicker broken before you occupied the home and was that broken clicker documented? Does the clicker just need a battery or? Take to a garage door place and ask them whats wrong with the clicker or maybe even Home Depot. Keep us posted and good luck.

@Ky Ha Vu  Congratulations on all your accomplishments and your new home purchase. I wouldn’t worry too much about a $50 garage remote from your past landlord. Sounds like it’s time to move on and focus on your future. However, to answer your question, yes - the landlord can charge you for the broken garage remote (and certainly the lost one). That wouldn’t be considered wear and tear. 

Programming the remote isn’t hard and takes about 30 seconds, but you need access to the actual opener so if you’ve already moved out the landlord will have to do that part and it’s not something she’d be able to charge you for.  

Don’t lose too much sleep over it though. This is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things and you’ve made what sounds like some major accomplishments. Congrats.