Getting a general contractor to build a new home

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I am planning on getting a contractor for a new home after demolishing the old house because I cannot rehab it. Some of the issues presented in biggerpocet regarding contractor's (delay work, incomplete task, not been way off schedule, etc.) are some of my concerns. first, I was going to do is get a real estate attorney however, with a detail contract I am sure some GC (general contractors) will not want to get involve. However, the high-end GC will but I cannot afford them with a budget of $235K. Any suggestions?

Correct. No contractor will want lawyers involved. You'll scare them all away.

It's a matter of building the delays and incomplete tasks(to hire other people to do it) into the cost. Also, talk to people who have experience with building. There are additional fees you may not be aware of such as school fees or water line from the city meter having to be upgraded for fire sprinklers, etc.