I live in Riverside County, California.  I own an older house that's in decent shape but needs some renovations including adding dormer to our attic (or just raise the entire roof possibly depending on expense) to facilitate a closet and more headroom creating an actual bedroom.  We'll reroof at the same time and maybe bump out the back of the house to add square footage.  We're also looking to add a detached garage with a two bedroom apartment rental unit I the back yard.  Yes, we're zoned for that. 

The long term plan is to rent out the main house and the apartment for future passive income.

We're starting looking into the 203K loan or Homestyle loan.  I need a local architect to draw up plans and a GC who is experienced with these types of loans.  Any recs would be appreciated. 

Also any personal experience stories with construction loans in the SoCal area are of interest.