Hi there, I'll be getting my real estate agent license in Los Angeles (as soon as CA Gov gets off their butts and gives me my exam date), and was wondering if anyone that has hung their license with online brokers would like to weigh the pros and cons in doing so. I am keeping my day job as a personal trainer/coach, but am getting my license for some near future side investing (flips & buy/hold etc).

I was hoping that some agents would shed some light on joining an online broker.

Also, maybe you wouldn't mind answering some questions like:

Did you do it when you first got your license?

Did you need to have a sponsor when you first joined (some online brokers I've searched out require it)?

If you didn't join initially, how long before you did; and do you wish you did it sooner?

Were you able to network with other agents that were part of the online broker, or were other agents mostly uninterested?


Also, if you know any in LA County that you would recommend, please feel free to list them.