Investing in Modesto, CA

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Is anyone on BP actively investing in/near Modesto, CA?

Looking to connect.


Merced....bout 45 min South

I live in Modesto.  But, I don't have any investments here.  However, I did invest in Ceres, a few minutes South of Modesto.  That was 10 years ago, when prices were reasonable.

There isn't a decent deal to be found here, in today's market, unless you force equity by putting 40% or more down.


Hi Brian, I invest here and live here. I have flipped and wholesaled deals here and occasionally hold a few for rentals. There are deals here despite what others say or I wouldn't be making a living. 

@Mark Silva is right.  I was being pessimistic, and I should not have been.  There are still deals to be had.

I've just been looking on the MLS, which has not proved fruitful for me. I'm sure there are many other ways to find a deal in Modesto.

Live in Manteca...own rentals in Manteca and Lathrop.....

Lived in Modesto from 95-98 and my son goes to HS down there...... so I'm familiar with the area and market.

Deals are hard to find unless you have the inside market etc....MLS has been a waste of time for investments for a long time now

I'm open to connecting with other in my area .....

@Mark Silva

@Ned J.

It would be great to connect.

I grew up in Modesto and relocated to So-Cal in 2001, currently in Burbank CA.

Still have most of my immediate family in Modesto, Manteca, Hilmar, Oakdale and Waterford.

My sister in law runs her own PM company in Modesto which is arguably the most important component for buy/hold.

Now if I could just figure out how to acquire some more property for her to manage...


I also live and invest in Modesto.  I also own a couple local bars. Anytime you want to sit down and talk rentals over a cold one or even a soda let me know! There are still deals in Modesto, you just have to know where to find them.  

@Bobby Christoulakis , @Ned J. ,

I'm game for a meetup to discuss rentals, future investments, etc.  And, I just so happen to be partial to sodas.

Available almost any day after 5:30pm.


I was thinking at one of Bobby's bars. However I like to hear myself think so if it's too loud maybe we can meet somewhere else.

Bobby, how's the noise level around that time? 

Hi gentlemen, 

I would love to join you all if there is a meet up. I am available on Wed the 3rd. 

it should be fine. We dont get crazy busy during the week. 

If it's too loud I have a decent size back room or I'm open to other ideas also 

Hey everyone-

I'm in Oakdale, just getting started in all this, also looking to connect in the area. Primarily looking into flipping at the moment. I currently have a private money lender ( my father in law ) willing to lend to 90% of purchase price, but not rehab cost. I'd be looking to find flip partners, contractors, etc.

New to the investment side of the biz, spent a few years as Project Manager for flip projects though.

Wish I could meet up with everyone on the 3rd, but we will see. At the moment, it doesn't look like it will be raining on that morning so I plan on attending the auction on the Modesto court house steps just to see how it all goes and hopefully make other connections.

Kevin - house looks great so far. And quick is good !!

@Bobby Christoulakis , what bar would you like to meet at tomorrow? I have a handyman job that may run late so I might get there closer to 7:30. Just want to make sure everyone is on the same page about a meeting location. 

@Jenell Poncabare , just wanted to let you know about this if your free tomorrow night.

Thanks yall!

Ugh....probably not going to make it...weekday evenings are going to be tough.....too many kid activities mixed with work.

@Brian Gerlach @Tim Jones @Ryan Wamsat @Mark Silva @Ned J. @Bobby Christoulakis @Kevin Moules @Vince Godinho @Steven Rein Sorry guys jumping in late on this one. Sorry I missed the gathering last activities. I hope it went well and I'm excited that more people in our area are getting into REI!

A couple of you I have already connected with, but for those of you that I haven't had the chance...I run a fix and flip business based out of Oakdale. I have done projects primarily in Stanislaus County and just sold one in San Joaquin county. I source my own deals and haven't bought anything off of the MLS. Deals are out there, just have to hunt for them.

I also host a real estate Meetup and the next one is next Thursday. I’ll update the Network --> Events post here on BP so you can have the details. If I post here, it will get deleted. 

I'm down for meet ups in Modesto/Oakdale/Manteca or anywhere else reasonably close to home..... weekday evening are gonna be tough for me.....

Anybody organizing meet ups, please keep me on the list for notifications....

@Jenell Poncabare , you can link the Event forum to this thread, but not outside links like meetup, etc.

Hello All,

I'm an investor / appraiser from Atwater.  If you have scheduled another meet-up, I would certainly like to join.

Thank you!

Hi Jenell, I just saw this.  Any chance you planned a future event?  Thank you!

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