Tax Leins on Timeshares

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My county is doing it's yearly auction on properties with tax leins on them. Included with those properties are timeshares. I know timeshares are a money pit BUT..... they are being sold for $100 each. Has anyone ever heard of putting a timeshare on AirB&B? Figure if you can find a week somewhere on the beach for $100 it would be pretty easy to rent through AirB&B and make a easy profit.

Any thoughts?

You would have to check with the timeshare company for their rules..  Also, I dont know if Airbnb would be ok with you just listing a property for 2 weeks out of the year. With the unpredictable nature of timeshare assessment fees and maintenance fees, I would probably avoid that deal.

Good point on the maintenance fees. I was reading up on the Air B&B policies. You can rent out your timeshares. What actually got me thinking about this was reading about a guy advertising that he can rent your timeshare out to pay your maintenance fees for a percentage.