Direct Mail Criteria

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Hey Biggerpockets,

Ive been doing direct mail for about a year now, Ive purchase a few properties off of it but I was curious what criteria some of you wholesalers/flippers that have done it for awhile and had success are using?  Are you pulling lists from specific sources? (I use property radar) Also what are your mailers saying and what expectations are you setting for these sellers?

Austin, this is a HUGE topic for sure!   

Data is huge, its the foundation of everything you are building your DM business on.  I still like, and old school driving for dollars (with new apps that streamline the process of course).

As far as message goes, I try and keep it straight forward, and let my mailers build off of eachother so I'm not sending the same thing every time.  I always want to point out the benefits to them for selling to me, and a call to action.  People want to hear how YOU can help THEM, not just about you (I have 39489 years experience and have bought 20984938 homes, and a scratch golfer etc).  They generally dont care about your gloating, just what you can do for them and how it impacts their life.

The message of the mailer is important, but you must also factor in WHAT you are sending them ,the medium, AND making sure you are consistent as well.

Hope this helps a bit!  Anson

@Austin Geiser We've been hitting multi family hard so far this year and have had a lot of success. We're not putting any criteria other than it being multi family. We're of course still sending to absentee owned single family houses but our cost per acquisition is quite a bit higher compared to what multi family has been for us lately.