Rental potential in Gypsum / Eagle County Colorado

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Hi BiggerPockets family,

I recently joined BP and this is my first post in the forums. I just moved to Vail, CO and am interested in investing in either a single family or duplex as a rental property in the Eagle / Gypsum Colorado areas. Would love to find a place in Vail proper, but it's a bit higher priced than I'm looking to spend, which is why Eagle / Gypsum are desirable to me. It seems that over the past few years real estate in Eagle has really blown up, and possibly even pricing people out which hopefully means Gypsum is next in line. I've gone to look at a couple of units in Gypsum, but have questions about rental potential in the area. From what I've seen, there's rarely anything for rent in the area, so I'm not sure if that's because no one wants to live there or the reverse...they're getting grabbed up that quickly. I'm curious if anyone here on BP has invested in a rental property in the area and can shed some light into rental potential, or has just general thoughts about real estate and the future of the area. 

Thanks so much!


@Shanelle Sherlin I would definitely recommend that you consider looking into doing short term rentals in that area verse doing long term. You'll probably be able to make quite a bit more money and have much more demand.