How to find the holder of a mortgage

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Try using or the DealMachine App. You can easily use the 7-day free trial to look up the property you're looking at and get that info.

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@Jacob Mueller some counties allow you to view documents (deeds of trust) on-line. I have done it for newer documents in Denver County as well as Jefferson County through the assessor's page as was mentioned. You have to do a bit of sleuthing to get to the right spot.

If you’re a real estate agent you should know how to use your online county records......if not, go down to county recorder’s office and have them show you how.

Originally posted by @Jacob Mueller:

Does anyone know how to find who holds the mortgage on a property in Colorado? I've called the County Clerk and Recorder multiple times but they haven't returned my calls. Am wondering if there's another way.

 Ask the owner.