Hi, from Nashville TN-brand spanking new member-ouch!!

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Kevin McIntosh

Real Estate Investor from Mt Juliet, Tennessee

Jun 25 '08, 02:34 AM

Hi, everyone.

Just thought I'd introduce myself. Not sure how this all works but will hopefully figure it out soon.

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Dick Green

Residential Real Estate Broker from Conroe, Texas

Jun 25 '08, 07:58 AM

Welcome to the group. Glad you joined. You'll find this site full of great individuals and info. What sector of real estate are you involved in or looking to become involved in?

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Kevin McIntosh

Real Estate Investor from Mt Juliet, Tennessee

Jun 25 '08, 08:41 AM

HI. Well, I'm focusing on wholesaling dirt cheap properties to real estate investors.

Plan to wholesale in areas I'm familiar with including Indianapolis, Winston-Salem NC, Charlotte NC and Nashville where I now live (technically I live in Murfreesboro).

Really focusing now on networking in those markets with investors.

Spent a year preparing for this wholesaling venture and finally just started in terms of getting properties under contract.

If anyone has any ideas about how to best network on this site, I'm listening. I assume doing just this, engaging in the forums discussions is the best way to meet folks here.

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Michael Shadow

Multi-family Investor from Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Jun 25 '08, 07:12 PM

Welcome to BP macwriter. You could try posting in the Local Real Estate forum to see if there are any other people from Nashville that are here.

Also check out your local REIA's.


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Jason Hanson

Real Estate Coach from Oakton, Virginia

Jun 25 '08, 07:15 PM

I would get your feet on the ground and attend all of your local REIA meetings (most areas have several REIA's)

Also, wholesaling is the way to start out, to build up your cash reserves before moving on to lease options and subject-to.

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Matt H.

Real Estate Investor from Memphis, Tennessee

Jun 25 '08, 08:45 PM

Welcome to Bigger Pockets. I'm in Memphis, also just starting out in wholesaling, so if your ever down this way hit me up.

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Joshua Dorkin Verified Donor

Commercial Real Estate Agent from Denver, Colorado

Jul 08 '08, 03:45 AM

Hey Kevin. It looks like you're figuring things out here on the site. Let us know if you have any questions . . . . BTW - Welcome on board!

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