Dear members of BP, 

thanks for taking a look at my post and having me here on the website, i really appreciate the community and knowledge provided here. 

My name is Markus Vogl, i am a finance and banking student from Germany (near Frankfurt, Aschaffenburg). 

I am seeking to start my first own business and become an independent professional investor. 

Therefore i thank everyone beforehand for giving me advice and knowledge to get started.

Within Germany i never though about financing real estate without using a mortgage or a loan. I neither imagined the possibility of leasing options, allowing to make deals while not having a greater fortune or free float capital. 

Therefore i am very grateful to have so many experienced members here, because i have no background knowledge about this kind of investments.
I hope i can become self-employed starting with gathering the relevant knowledge and skills to sign my first deal. 

I hope to achieve these great ideals and dreams with hard work and your help. 

With kind regards,

Markus Vogl

PS: What were your first experiences and steps into Real Estate Investments ?