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Hello BP - this is my first post. I started a wholesale company 3 weeks ago with a former colleague, we are using Lead Sherpa to send texts out to homeowners. Does anyone have thoughts/experience on good templates for the initial text? Below is what we've been using, has to be under 160 characters:

Hi {First Name}, apologies for the surprise msg😃 I'm Nate and am interested in buying the property on {Street Address}. Do I have the right person?

It's working fine but wanted to open a discussion to get more ideas from others who are texting.  

Also, I'm new to wholesaling - trying to be thoughtful about where we allocate startup costs in our business and what tools to use -- if there are any wholesalers who are running scalable businesses out there who'd be willing to catch-up on the phone, I'd love to run a few more in-depth questions by you over a 15 min phone chat. My partner and I currently have prop stream for addresses and ARV research, 1 VA Mojo cold caller in Pakistan, Lead Sherpa for additional marketing, and we use Podio for CRM. We are currently in the West Michigan market but I live in Chicago. Thanks in advance,

Hope you understand that mass texting is an opt-in game, not the other way around. Be aware that there are many class action attorneys just waiting for an opportunity like this

@Guy S.
Thanks Guy - yes mass texting is pretty regulated, appreciate the warning. From my understanding Sherpa is compliant or at least the most compliant because it requires human intervention between texts. Awesome that you're in NYC I used to live on W 83rd and Riverside! (-:

per sherpa's site - would love to hear other attorney's thoughts on BP: Our attorneys have thoroughly reviewed Sherpa, and they believe the system is compliant as the laws are currently written for two reasons: 1. We are not selling or advertising any goods or services, so the vast majority of the law does not apply to our texts. 2. Sherpa is NOT an ATDS. Consent to contact is not required because Sherpa is not an auto-dialer.

Hi @Nathan W.

I just started a similar business in California. Would like to know how things are going since it's been a few months from your original post. Mine is still a one man show, and I'm always seeking ways to automate / streamline the business. 

@Grady L. I go through a title company who provides free lists by utilizing their farm feature. Just ask and they will set you up.

@Jim S.    @Grady L.

Sherpa is awesome. It's the best/cheapest/most effective method of contacting a lot of potential sellers. 

Here's the downsides: 

-it's a lot of noise. Everyone responds but most people are wasting your time so it takes time to filter out real leads.  

-in my view a lawsuit is a legit risk. Per my message above, Sherpa says it's legal because you have to click for each text but I'm not a lawyer and don't have time to research it for longer than I already have so unless you're a lawyer you should understand texting 1000's of people every month is a risk.

How we do it:

We hired a VA in the Philippines to text/manage the conversations. We developed a dozen pre-written responses so it's easier and more efficient for her to communicate. She's averaging about 1 good lead per hour of work.

We still use basically the same intro message above (in my original post) but we changed the emoji to this 🤔 lol - might sounds stupid but we test every piece of granular data that we have down to the emoji because data is $$$$$$$

Oh, Grady, We get our lists from propstream and use sherpa to skip trace. Our next initiative is to pull from the countys directly and compare that against propstream's data. 

Hope that helps!

@Nathan W. This is awesome, and your systems seem pretty automated. I'm doing it all manually at the moment but I love the idea of having a VA help. Any suggestions?

Also, what is your criteria for property? Do you target lower end homes or entire areas?

We hired our VA through upwork. It's pretty awesome you can interview a dozen people and hire someone in about 2-4 days. We are the West Michigan market so we target by the county. Our largest metropolitan area in the market we are in is less than 500k people so Im sure it will be entirely different for you being in CA

@Nathan W.

Hey Nathan, congrats on starting your wholesale company! How’s that going? I’m a full time wholesaler in Los Angeles. I sent you a PM, but do you mind sharing a couple of those pre written messages you have your VAs use? Thanks in advance!

@John Phong Hey John! we use this, has proven to work well for us!

Hi {First Name}, apologies for the surprise msg😃 I'm Nate and am interested in buying the property on {Street Address}. Do I have the right person?

Hey @Nathan W.

Thanks for sharing the template. I'm strongly considering Lead Sherpa as well (I'm in the DFW market). How many contacts are you uploading to the system every month? I know that the lowest tier allows to upload 10,000 contacts a month. Are you using up that quota? How many leads and deals are you getting monthly?

Thanks for any input you feel comfortable giving :)

@John Phong we used leadsherpa for initial text, mojo for VA cold calling with a skype # that worked for overseas VA's

@Ashwin Vidiyala We were uploading 4k/month because we couldnt afford to skip trace 10,000 addresses. But obviously if you can it makes sense to utilize 10k.

2020 update: We ultimately closed our wholesale endeavors and I am switching back to long term rentals. I really suck at speaking with sellers and hated that part of wholesaling (the data/marketing/lead generation was what we enjoyed/were good at), we also didnt have the time to focus on the business b/c my partner and I both work full time. But I still think sherpa is fantastic and is a great way to generate leads efficiently. Hope that helps!

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