Denver/Colorado Real Estate School?

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Medium 1399661789 avatar cathycan55 Cathy Moore
Denver, CO
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Cathy Moore

from Denver, Colorado

Dec 30 '12, 01:34 PM

Well I've decided my first step in becoming a REI is going to be taking classes to get my RE license. I've been thinking about doing so for some time now and no time like the present to jump start 2013. Can anyone in Colorado/Denver area recommend some good/reputable schools? The only two i've heard of are Kaplan and the Keller Williams one.

Medium 1399329223 avatar jingle James Bell
Investor from Tampa, CO
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James Bell

Investor from Tampa, Colorado

Dec 30 '12, 02:23 PM

Every new agent I know of late has used "American Real Estate College" and i think they all did the online course. I believe most of them went that route because it is inexpensive. But, you get what you pay for. I'd ask a connected employing broker for their input. To bad the Shwayder School is no more. It was a really good real estate education.

Cathy Moore

from Denver, Colorado

Dec 31 '12, 07:49 AM

Thanks James! I called them and they mentioned the in person class that runs a little over $1K. That seems pretty steep, but I guess it's comparable to Kaplan and the others. He didn't mention the online course, so I'll need to follow up and see about that one.

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