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Medium 1399668906 avatar jlzachary James Zachary
Northern, CA
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James Zachary

from Northern, California

Feb 05 '13, 10:06 AM

Hello BiggerPockets! I am just following the “what to do first at Bigger Pockets” step 3 and introducing myself. My name is James Zachary, I live in California (Bay Area), and I am looking to take the first steps into the exciting world of real estate investing by adding at least 2 single family rental properties to my portfolio this year. I hope to learning a lot from this site and it's members. Cheers!

Medium 1448323178 avatar blackbelt Joel Owens
Commercial Real Estate Broker from Canton, GA
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Joel Owens Verified Video Moderator

Commercial Real Estate Broker from Canton, Georgia

Feb 05 '13, 10:15 AM

Welcome James !

There are plenty of single family investors on here. I play in the commercial space and not the single family homes.

All the best.

Medium allworldrealtyJoel Owens, All World Realty
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 678-779-2798
Website: http://www.AWcommercial.com

Medium 1399609387 avatar sjpm Kyle J.
Investor from Northern, CA
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Medium 1399535253 avatar forchunet Glenn Espinosa
Rehabber from Alexandria, VA
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Glenn Espinosa

Rehabber from Alexandria, Virginia

Feb 05 '13, 10:52 AM

Hey James!

Welcome to BP. I am a testament to how great this community is - I flipped my first home and bought my first cash flowing rental after some BP veterans helped me out with the numbers and details.

So read up, engage, ask questions and when a deal falls in your lap, post the numbers and details so we can give you some advice.

Happy investing,


Medium 1418655450 avatar notebuyers Marc Faulkner
Investor from Kalamazoo, MI
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Marc Faulkner

Investor from Kalamazoo, Michigan

Feb 05 '13, 11:05 AM

Welcome to the wonderful world of BP James! You will find plenty of help here with what you are wanting to do with real estate.

Medium cfslogoMarc Faulkner, Creative Funding Service, Inc.
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 269-806-8802
Website: http://www.sellmobilehome.net

Medium 1399649407 avatar cirrusav8or Brian Burke
Real Estate Investor / Syndicator from Santa Rosa, CA
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Brian Burke Verified

Real Estate Investor / Syndicator from Santa Rosa, California

Feb 05 '13, 09:51 PM

Hey neighbor! Welcome to BP!

Medium praxis capital logo cmyk stacked 900pxBrian Burke, Praxis Capital, Inc.
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.PraxCap.com

Medium 1448398348 avatar brandonatbp Brandon Turner
Investor from Montesano, WA
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Brandon Turner Verified Video

Investor from Montesano, Washington

Feb 05 '13, 09:59 PM

Welcome to BiggerPockets @James Zachary!

Medium fbprofileBrandon Turner, BiggerPockets
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.BiggerPockets.com

Medium 1399663995 avatar bannister700 William Bannister
Commercial Landlord from Oshkosh, WI
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Medium 1448399064 avatar biggerpo Joshua Dorkin
BiggerPockets Founder/CEO from Denver, CO
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Medium 1399394541 avatar jvermillionaf James Vermillion
Property Manager from Lexington, KY
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Medium 1448387553 avatar justaskbenwhy Ben Leybovich
Multifamily Investor / Syndicator from Lima, OH
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Medium 1398784765 avatar wheatie Jon Holdman
Investor from Wheat Ridge, CO
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Medium 1399315588 avatar jonk Jon Klaus
Investor from Garland, TX
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Ben Leybovich Video

Multifamily Investor / Syndicator from Lima, Ohio

Feb 06 '13, 12:08 PM

Welcome to BP James. Thank you for pointing out that which is obvious to everyone but me – follow the damn steps! I never did. Why didn’t @Jon Holdman or @Jon Klaus or @Joshua Dorkin or @Glenn Espinosa or @Brandon Turner say something?? You guys - I guess if I want it done right, i have to do it myself...LOL:) Note to self - read the darn instructions next time

Medium logo 03Ben Leybovich, JustAskBenWhy.com
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 1.888.508.9643
Website: http://www.JustAskBenWhy.com

Medium 1399665654 avatar patricio1 Patrick Martinez
Investor from Stockton, CA
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Medium 1399433694 avatar delondon Delondon Dear
Real Estate Investor from 30906, GA
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James Zachary

from Northern, California

Feb 06 '13, 01:46 PM

@BrianBurke – I love Santa Rosa! @JamesVermillion – Did they call you Jimmy when you were a kid too? @PatrickMartinez – Neighbor! Lucas is... interesting. @Everybody – Thanks for the warm welcomes!

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