Hello all: New member here in SW Florida

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John Thedford

Lender, Realtor, Investor from Naples, Florida

Feb 08 '13, 02:03 PM
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Hello. Glad to meet everyone. I got lucky and found this site...and it is awesome. I am sure I won't ever need a reference book as long as this site is up. Of course, anyone wanting to talk real estate in any form is welcome to send an email, or, if local, meet at the local coffee shop.

John Thedford
Naples, FL

James Vermillion Donor

Property Manager from Lexington, Kentucky

Feb 08 '13, 02:04 PM

Welcome to BP John, glad to see your formally introduce yourself.

Tina Granger

Property Manager from Orange, Texas

Feb 08 '13, 02:17 PM

Welcome John... there are many of us newbies here! There is so much information sharing, learning, and growing here at Bigger Pockets... Jump in and enjoy the ride!

All the Best,

Brandon Turner Verified Video

Investor from Montesano, Washington

Feb 08 '13, 03:41 PM

Welcome @John Thedford! I agree - BP is like a fully interactive book, with more information than all the guru courses put together :) Don't forget to add a photo to your profile, and be sure to check out the "Start Here Page."

Medium fbprofileBrandon Turner, BiggerPockets
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Sean Brennan

from Leominster, Massachusetts

Feb 08 '13, 04:25 PM

Welcome John! Yes, plenty of info. for us newbies and also alot of generous experienced people here to answer our questions!

Sean Brennan,
E-Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 617-620-4224
Real Estate Appraiser and Wannabe Investor

John Thedford

Lender, Realtor, Investor from Naples, Florida

Feb 08 '13, 06:09 PM

Thank you ladies and gentelmen. I will check out the "start here" page. Already to immeresed in reading the threads!

Thanks a lot...

Dave Wood

Investor from Sarasota, Florida

Feb 09 '13, 01:25 PM

Hello from Sarasota. I am new here and learning all of the time.

Joshua Dorkin Verified Donor

Commercial Real Estate Agent from Denver, Colorado

Feb 09 '13, 02:53 PM

You can definitely think of us as your virtual library . . . thanks for joining us and welcome to BiggerPockets!

Medium fbprofileJoshua Dorkin, BiggerPockets
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.biggerpockets.com
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