Hi everyone! New to BP and SLC area-

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excited about learning, connecting and contributing here!

I'm new to SLC via Orange County, CA, a licensed agent, and small time investor. For now!

I'd love to hear any advice you have on getting the most from BP!

Hey @Jen Bowen welcome to BiggerPockets! I hope you'll find this community as awesome and engaging as I do. What's your story?

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@Brandon Turner Hi @Brandon- thanks for the welcome- my (short) story is I'm a small investor looking to grow and learn. Have a couple rentals now, looking to expand wisely. Not sure if SLC (where I'm currently based) is the place to do it or not. I'm open to learn.

What's your story?

Hey @Jen Bowen , I started investing at 21, made a lot of mistakes, but somehow became a full time investor. Now I hang out on BiggerPockets, like, 23 1/2 hours a day while trying to find time to invest as well :)

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you should probably get out a little more! :)

p.s. I've already learned some great stuff in the few minutes I've been here-

found you guys on Itunes podcast- (amazing btw)- perfect timing- we have 2 rentals (basically break even between both) and are looking to learn and grow! Thanks again for this community and the warm welcome

You might want to try Salt Lake Real Estate Investors Association. They meet 2nd Wednesday I think. SLREIA.com I use to attend all the time but now have other obligations on Wednesdays.

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Thank you Gary! I appreciate your input and see you're already doing what we aspire to- love to connect with you sometime and learn about the local market.

Thanks again for the tip! :)

Welcome to BiggerPockets Jen. Be careful though, BP is addictive!

Jen - Welcome to BP and SLC.

James and Brian: Thank you both for taking the time to welcome me- I really appreciate it!

Brian- nice profile shot!! :-)