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Hello everyone,

My name is David Taylor and I am interested in flipping houses and wholesale. I am new to the industry and I am looking to build relationships and learn as much as I can from the pros that have been doing this for a while.

Welcome. And I can't believe somebody is here from Clio. I grew up just down the road in Montrose. A lot of my family still lives in Clio.

Thank you and my best friend lives in Montrose. We are both looking to flip houses in the northern Genesee county area mostly. I'm glad to see there's others from MI here, I was affraid that all the more honest people were heading out of Michigan.

Welcome @David Taylor ! There is a ton of great info on here about flipping houses, so I hope you find all the info you need! Let us know if you have any questions at all!

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Welcome to BP David. Please consider adding a profile picture, I believe they help build the sense of community here. As Brandon said there is a wealth of info on flipping, so make sure you check out that area of the forum. Get involved, ask questions, and might be surprised how much more you will learn that way. Good luck!