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Hello BP community,

My name is Danuel Brown, and I currently reside in NJ. I'm a 24 year old Research and Development Chemist by trade, however I have a entreprenurial passion to start a real estate investment company. For the past 2 years I have been getting educated in the area of real estate investing and am ready to launch my real estate investment business with a close friend, Calvin Todd, this year. I look forward to interacting with the many experienced real estate investors on BP in order to increase my knowledge, and progress my startup business.

P.S. Bobby is my nickname to any who are wondering....haha

Hey @Bobby Brown welcome to BP! Let us know how we can help you learn or grow as you get into this phase of your life!

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Welcome to Bigger Pockets Bobby! Please keep us updated on the progress of your business.

Welcome to BiggerPockets, Bobby. Its my prerogative to make sure you've got a great experience here on the site.

Just kidding . . . thanks for joining and do let us know how we can help you get your REI career off the ground! Jump in and get involved in the discussions here so others can better start to know you.

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys.....I will definitely be staying active and reaching out to whom I can on this BP site...

Welcome - if you investing in New Jersey shoot me an email bro