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Hello I’m new to BP and looking at purchasing a SF rental (Bridgeport, CT) that has an up flush toilet already installed in the basement.  I have zero experience with these and actually didn’t realize they existed until I saw this one.  Does anyone have experience/advice with these, good or bad, they could share?  

I’ve found very few posts on BP other than educate your tenant users on what not to flush.  I’m planning on adding a bedroom next to this bathroom and my concerns are obvious ... smell, overflow issues, reliability and anything else i’m Not aware of.  Any comments are much appreciated.



We have used them a lot. Never a problem with smell etc if installed correctly as venting is intrinsic in the layout. Saniflo is the one I've used but I'm not pleased with the longevity of the float mechanism if it sits unused too long, or the macerating jam sensitivity to any small items, grease, hair gel etc flushed. Pulling it apart after a jam is NOT a fun experience. We are planning on one now for a new basement install but it will be a more robust commercial unit. However, just like the proverbial town installed grinder pumps we live with around here, you're severely restricted to what can be flushed & tenants simply do not listen. Also remember NO POWER-NO FLUSHY.

Good luck

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In the event you need to replace the existing unit go with a pump that has a Vortex Impeller. This may help with any potential clogs that may get flushed.

Never heard of these... Does it handle residents throwing grease or baby wipes in the toilet?

Originally posted by @Craig Bellot :

Never heard of these... Does it handle residents throwing grease or baby wipes in the toilet?

 absolutely NOT.

we have a huge 20 ft deep 6ft diameter grinder pump pit with 3 large (2-3HP) grinder pumps & they were literally ground to a halt by condoms & baby wipes. So these little up flush macerating units are not capable of anything other than #1, #2 & TP.

I never heard them called up flush toilets only macerating or toilets with grinders but it makes sense to call them that.  They have been ok for us, not ideal for tenants but I post a sign right over the toilet that says flush TP only, it is screwed into the wall.  These were student tenants and we haven't had an issue.  It has lasted.  That said my old neighbor had a big problem with an ejection pump and tampons with an au pair.

Thanks Colleen. Same situation here ... closing on a SFH rental to students and the macerating toilet is in place already in the basement. I'm contemplating having it redone with plumbing in the floor but wanted to get a sense of how common issues are before spending the money. Educating tenants will be key.

@Dave Green  'redone with plumbing in the floor'???

so if it's on city sewers running under the basement floor why the macerating unit. Unless they were made aware of the cost of tearing up the slab & running plumbing to interface with the current sewer system. We have done the latter & it's tough, dirty, dusty, time consuming work.

If you're going to do it you should also add a back flow valve to the sewer line.

Not familiar with the history but my guess is the bath (in the basement) was added somewhat recently and they did not want to deal with the cost of cutting into the floor.  The other reason could be that the sewer line out is above the level of the basement floor where the bath is (it's a split level with a crawl space under part of the house).  I have my inspection tomorrow so will know if hard plumbing in the floor is even possible.

Sewer line above the basement floor should be easy to see & is prevalent in older homes that once had a septic or grinder pump system.

Good luck....

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