Meet up hartford county!

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Are there any groups in the Hartford county area that meet regularly? I would like to attend and start networking. Thank you in advance. 

@Sandeep Singh there’s one in Glastonbury the 3rd Wednesday of every month that usually has a good showing you may be interested in! 

Would you be able to provide me with details?

I would be interested to find some locally as well. 

The Meeting will be at Chili's in Glatonbury (2855 Main St). The meeting is in the dining room to the left of the bar. Everyone is welcome from newbies to the seasoned investor. To get the most of the meeting come prepared to share your experience, what your're looking for and what you can contribute. 

thank you, do you have a time?

@Sandeep Singh apologies I just saw this- introductions start at 7 then it’s open discussion. I was not able to make it this week but I hope to be there next month

Thank you, look forward to meeting you!

There is one over in Manchester that I regularly attend @Scott Hollister and Jacob are our hosts as well as Kit Crown. Right trac financial group for GPS purposes. 

@James McCard can you let me know the date and time for the next meet and I will try to be there. Thank you

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