Best areas in Hartford county CT for buy and hold investing

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Hello all

Im from NY and currently have units in NY I'm looking to grow  my portfolio   At the suggestion of a friend who's Currently in the CT market I've been looking at  buying in the CT market for buy and hold.  I had a really good conversation with a bigger pockets number who's also A PM  from  the area.  I'm  trying to get some additional feedback as to what are the best cities in Hartford county CT for buy and hold investing.

I am currently looking at East Hartford, New Britain, Manchester,  and Bristol.

Any suggestions as far as cities 

Thanks ahead of time for your suggestions and feedback 

@Carl Fordyce , I grew up in Manchester. It's a good market for rentals. Prices are approachable, good cash flow opportunities, plenty of MFR stock, as strong rental market. Mostly working-class tenants.

Downsides are low appreciation, schools really aren't good, and a couple of not-so-great areas.

I think Manchester is a bit "nicer" than EH, NB, and Bristol...but this is relative.

May also be worth looking a little further East. UCONN is about 25 minutes away and there's obviously a good college market there.