How did you get what was owed to you

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Hello BP,

I am looking for some insights as far as to how to get your dead beat tenant to pay you there back owed rent. I took them to small clams and won a judgment against them. I order a bank excecution and wasn’t successful in collecting any funds. Does anyone know about any collection company or attorney that can assist with this process. I would greatly appreciate any advise moving forwards. 


@Leo Don , the judgment you have needs to be recorded you the county recorder's office (or whatever CT's public record office is called.  Then it will be sure to be picked up by the credit unions.

Next, you can use a skip trace person or software to locate the skipper.  With the location, at least you will be able to proceed with whatever is legal in that state; garnishment of wages, sheriff's sale, etc.

If you use a collection agency--they mostly just send out letters to the deadbeat, and immediately end up in the round file.  

IMO, it's not impossible, but very difficult and low-odds to collect on a deadbeat tenant.  It still should be attempted, but just don't get your hopes up.

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