Excellent Website For Florida Landlords By Florida Attorney

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I had a little disagreement with a tenant this week. They stated they intend to short the rent payment. I made it clear via text that I will not accept partial payments and that the tenant does not set the rules. I will see if they pay in full or push the issue as soon as I receive the rent (assuming I do receive it). After this conversation, I tried to contact Harry Heist and visited his website. He is a well known local attorney that represents landlords. After viewing some of his articles, one stated NOT to accept partial payments for rent. There were other articles that are excellent and beneficial to landlords. I have not used his services, but should I have the current issue escalate, I intend to hire him to proceed with collection and/or eviction. If you need legal advice and guidance, you should consider him. His website is www.evict.com. Also, he provides LOTS of forms for landlords to use free of charge on his website.

They do have alot of great articles and forms,  we currently use them for all of our leases and have used them for evictions in the past.  The will do uncontested evictions very inexpensively if done on their lease.  Accepting partial rental payments is not always a bad idea if you immediately serve them with a new 3 day notice for the balance owed.   

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