Lex Levinrad Real Estate Group

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Hey BP I have been looking at deals from wholesalers and I came across LEX Real Estate Group. They are based in Boca Raton and seem to have a good listing of properties. Has anyone ever had any experience with buying distressed or wholesale properties from them? I would love to hear about it?


Hi @Jason Brown - the tech guy at the REIA I go to (Tropical REIA) went through Lex to get a rental property. There were pros and cons to the experience from the feeback I heard. Tropical REIA meets this coming Wednesday I believe if you want to talk to him personally.



I am the founder of Lex Real Estate Group and the Distressed Real Estate Institute. We have many deals for investors in South Florida on our site(s). Many wholesalers and also our students in our Partnership Program submit their deals to us as well.