REI Climate around Sarasota?

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What is the current climate for fix and flips in and around the Sarasota area?  Any good pockets or towns for deals?  Also, curious if there are decent deals to be found in the 5-25 multifamily space in and around Sarasota?  

@Account Closed , The Sarasota area was not hurt tremendously in the last crash.  It recovered quickly.  I'm not hearing much average fix n flip noise coming out of the near area.  There's plenty of opportunity if your game is upscale demos.  But the 100K fix n flips are gone.  Sarasota's a plenty happening place with much dinero concentrated there.  

I can certainly give you some good referrals around the region.

But there's plenty of other areas where fix n flip is alive and well.  Curious though why Sarasota?

Thanks @Dave Foster . I am pondering a move from MD to a Venice, FL. Just trying to get a beat on where the best REI opportunities may be in and around that area. Im most interested in fix and flips and 5-25 unit multifamily buy and holds. I thought I saw something about North Port being a good area for fix and flips??? Id like to keep my farm area within about 30 minutes or so from Venice. Thanks for any referrals or additional insight!

You may want to consider Englewood. It's close to Venice and much less competition. 

A large portion of our multi-family was converted to condos during last boom.

Good Evening @Account Closed ,

What is your acquisition price for the fix and flips and what type of return are you looking for? There are plenty of areas in Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa, St Pete, and more but its all dependent on what your financial goals are with real estate. I have seen quite a few Multi Family units hitting the market and have been working with 2 clients who are buying and flipping apartments and anything 4 units or larger. There are quite a few individuals who are buying bringing up the value and holding the properties which is a great strategy and seems your leaning in that direction. If you ever want to discuss some of the market condition or whats out there feel free to reach out at anytime.