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Hello BP,

My name is Kalung Man. I am a investor and realtor looking to expand and invest in the Orlando, Jacksonville, and South Florida. My partners and I are looking for wholesalers who can help.   Like everyone else on here we are focus and determine to grow. We are looking for a multi-family in decent locations.  Please provide your opinion on current market conditions as well. 

Your input in invaluable.

@Kalung Man hello Kalung im a wholesaler and realtor in the central Florida market and would be happy to assist you in locating either off market or traditional property to invest in. 

what type of deals are you looking to do... buy and hold, value add, flip, or some sort of hybrid of them all?

Mark Webb

    Majority of our investments are buy and hold.  The market is pretty peaked in south Florida.  I am not sure how's the market in central Florida, but would love to explore.  If it is in Orlando Multi and Single family min 2 bed 2 bath.

    @Kalung Man sounds great send me your email and ill start sending you some property In the area

    Mark Webb

      Hi Kalung, I am curious to see what you thought about central Florida compared to south Florida.

      Cody Winter, Real Estate Agent in Florida (#SL3404574)

        Tampa and Orlando is a great market. IMO job growth is really important for sustainability on buy and hold investments. The great part of investing in central and northern Florida is the low cost of HOA, homeowners insurance, car insurance, and in general lower cost of living while having decent median income. In south Florida everything cost more and the salary has not caught up to the cost of living. The market never made any since down here, but business is booming as usual.

        I apologize for cutting it short.  I will make some time this weekend to read and reply to the forums.  

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