Best Areas to Invest for Cash Flow in Northern Florida?

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I am a Marine Transitioning into college at the University of Florida. I have about $150,000 in equity in a property and I am looking to pour that into some small Multi Family deals around Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville, Daytona, St. Aug ETC. Looking for insight from some more experienced successful investors in the North Florida area about where I should focus my search. If you have a specific zip code/ area/anything at all you could give me it would be greatly appreciated as I am just shotgun blasting the entire state right now running Zillow ads on the BP calculator lol. Thanks, guys.

I would recommend 32210, 32205, 32244, 32211, 32208, 32218 for cash flow.

@Jacob L White I recommend buying in the area that you know best down to the street name and which side of that street is most desired by tenants. Zillow is not an accurate tool for home values. They mostly go off of the tax appraisal.  I own houses that Zillow says are worth $90K, but as a Realtor, I know they would only sell for $72K. I have another one worth $75K that Zillow says is worth $58K, but they don't know that I rehabbed it two years ago.

Hey @Mark Fries i was told that 32208 is not so great and kind of rough area...

close to me a war zone... whats your though on that.?

could be more headache then whats its worth.....

Thanks guys, all great information

I love 32208. it's the zipcode I focus the hardest on right now.

I have been researching Jacksonville and the neighborhood is hit or miss. You need to know the area or research research research. Perform a site visit.  

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