Looking for condo in Pensacola FL

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Hey everyone, I am in the market for a condo that needs rehab. Looking for 2/2 or 3/2 and this will be a live-in flip. Looking for referrals for good investor agents in the area or wholesalers that deal with condos. Thanks!

You should consider a 95% ltv,  Non-Fannie Mae, condo purchase loan which can provide funding for NON-approved condo buildings, with closing costs paid and NO PPP program.

To be able to purchase a 300k condo with under $16k total out of pocked would leave you with the reserves/ capital to do the upgrades.  

Steve McRory, Lender in FL (#360492)

I am open to most areas but favoring the areas from downtown pensacola to perdido key. I am in the military and work on nas pensacola. I am open to all loan products, just want to find something that needs work to build equity.

I’ve been looking around town and would like something with a water view, preferably intercoastal and like the areas around perdido key. 2 bed/2 bath under 250k that needs rehab. This would be a primary residence for over 2 years then a vacation rental after that. Let me know if you have anything!

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