First time home buyer program Florida, Pinellas County

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Hey Everyone, 

Trying to find some help from some local investors / realtors in the St. Petersburg and surrounding area of Florida who have excellent first time home buyer knowledge. I am having trouble understanding the wording for first time home buyer programs in Pinellas County. It looks like I wouldn't qualify because I make more than $70,800 per year according to the Pinellas County website for 1-2 person family. Are there any first time home buyer / FHA programs that I do Qualify for? Any helps would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

@Jenna Michael Most of the FTHB programs are restricted to income and area. You have to be in that range for income wise and loan amount also. Mostly these programs has lender information who are associates with them, you can call them directly for more information.

I would say stop wasting your time chasing those county programs which are turned on and off like a water faucet and concentrate on making money with buyers who have 3% to put down.

Or, sell them on a 100% USDA loan and get them to move out of the city limits, buy more house for the money and their kids can have a pony!  

Hello @Jenna Michael, you would probably qualify for a DPA assistance program that my lenders that I work with offer. It would most likely be a 3.5% fully amortized second. 

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