BP Investors as well as Loan Originators need to be aware of TRIGGER LEADS.

When a Mortgage Credit Report are pulled, borrowers' contact info is sold, over, and over, and over again by one or more of the bureaus to Lenders as Mortgage Leads.   They borrower suddenly start to receive solicitation by phone, mail and email.   

There is an Opt-Out process whereby a consumer can remove themselves from this and other marketing programs.  Call 888-5-OPTOUT or https://www.optoutprescreen.com.

Unfortunately, it takes approximately 5 business days to go into affect and by this time many borrowers have already had their credit pulled and their information sold.

For LOs (Loan Originators), to avoid having to fight a bunch of lies a potential client will receive from new LOs being fed these Trigger Leads and trying to meet application quotas, it could help if you get them to Opt Out in advance of pulling their credit.

>>>>>>>ALSO, when you're pulling credit thru Calyx (or whatever you use) remove the borrower's phone number before pulling credit.